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New Journal: silversteinsare

i hope I tagged that right....

xo, sarah

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saw him tonite. and i was more tongue-tied than usual. he's dyed his hair blonde. too cute. i wanted to ask him if it was true about blondes having more fun..... yeeah. but i chickened out.

he talks to my dad more than he does to me. he asked him if he liked his hair. oh, and he lives with his grandparents... he'sperfect. even as a blonde.

xo, sarah

if peeps don't comment soon, yeah i'm deleting this shit.

ps i have this assinine urge to call him christopher robin. he'd be like, uhm, what??
oh well....

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Music: Mayday Parade - Miserable at Best

This'll be the first time in a week
That I talked to you
And I can't speak
'S been three whole days since i had sleep.......
I can live without you but...
without you i'll be miserable
at best.
-Mayday Parade "Miserable at Best"
Sometimes a song can move you to tears with its sincerity.
This is one of those songs. So is the new song by Escape the Fate.
Tonight I went to Christopher's work, per usual. Last week I found out the reason he'd been out of work -- he had to have surgery apparently, because you could literally stick your hands into his chest. I guess his sternum was messed up? Haven't got to talk to him about it yet though.
As I was leaving, this woman with her mom and two little boys, were talking to my dad. Ya know how he always wears overalls? Well, the older boy inferred he had a tractor because of them. It was quite cute, actually. I look up in time to find Chris watching us not once, but twice....
The butterflies I got from the intensity of his gaze are still present. I WANT to tell him how I feel, I just don't know how.... Because what if he doesn't reciprocate my feelings? Then again, what if he does feel what I feel, and I abandon whatever we could possibly be?

also, even more recently, i saw him come out from behind the counter, come to the barrier between the dining area and the front where the registers are. Just flat-out staring. I caught his reflection in the window i was facing. later i went to the bathroom, and he must have known the group of guys who'd come in, cause one of em turned around, and was watching me as i went by to go to the bathroom.... I mean, he couldn't possibly talk as much about me as i do about him... Right?

So, yeah, I mean there's a cute dude I see sometimes between classes at Tech... And, I've caught him staring once or twice. And he's totally my type -- scene hair, skinny as hell, (emo kid, right?) yeah? But so far as going up to him and saying hello? Not happening quite yet.... And I highly doubt he'd come up to me with andrew, toran, and laura 'round. (read: especially with my boys around....Guys are so fucking weird.)

Oh! Andrew and Toran know I'm bi -- and they're both cool with it. What I find hilarious is that Andrew (Toran too) is bad to say oh man she's hot about other girls/ check out other girls in front of me. Maybe they're trying to see my type?? Heck if I know! Anyways, comment and tell me what ya think!

Love's forgotten me...
-Hayley WIlliams, Paramore "Decoy"

where's hope when misery comes crawling?
oh my way!
-Hayley Williams, Paramore "Born fFor This"

do you remember the first time?
time stops and starts so fast
in just three minutes you were.... mine
don't think that it was the last
you knew i knew the ways that i could make you say....

'please please please don't take it easy on me
take it take it take it easy on me
make it make it make it harder to breathe...
and i climb on top and i'll never stop
'til i make you forget who you are
just feel....
-havok/ puget ''between breaths (an xx perspective)''
blaqk audio

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Current Music: Mayday Parade - Miserable at Best

Clemson is a 7 seed, playing a 10 seed (Michigan) in K.C. Thursday night at 7:10. I wish I could be there...I am but a poor college kid in need of her MLT degree.... I think Clemson has a good chance. Man, Sun it came down to the last set of brackets and I had butterflies in my stomach... I was like OHGODWHATIFWEDON'TGO????

I think if KC and Terrence and Book bring their A-game we could go deep into the tournament. Yeah we could even beat Oklahoma, given a fair shake.

xo, Sarah

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Will Clemson get a bid for the NCAA's? I don't know the answer either, but let's keep our fingers crossed for my old alma mater, k? If they perform well in the ACC tourney, I would say, yes they're a shoo-in. Of course their first round game TOMORROW AFTERNOON, is against georgia tech...who we've beaten twice. This means Clinch and Aminu will be out for some Clemson blood.... I love my boys and I'd hate to see their season come to an early end. Terrence {Oglesby} is a dynamic player *(and my favorite dude), whether it be feeding Book or taking the tre himself.

Also, I need ti nake some basketball-obsessed friends -- BESIDES William and Willy-Boy. Especially give that Willy-Boy is obsessed with Carolina and Devin Downey.....Where did I go wrong?????????

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March Madness... it's here once again. :D And I love it.

I'm writing to update about my life. Or lack thereof.

So things with Chris?...A complete and total no-go.
He (apparently) has a girlfriend now. Cos, for the past two weeks he's brought her to work with him. Last friday he was there less than an hour, and then they left together.... Yes, it hurts seeing him with her. And no, I didn't tell him how I really feel. Because, seriously, what would it matter anyway. It's obvious he's into her.... and over me...

And in terms of school... Hematology test tomorrow (after being stuck in class from 9 to 3:10... Yeah, I don't feel inclined to study. But study I shall. I also have a test in immunohematology (blood banking) on friday. Heaven help us...

xo, Sarah

here's a word of advice from conor:

Love's an excuse to get hurt
Do you like to hurt?
I do, I do, Ido.
Then hurt me....
--Conor Oberst; Bright Eyes

Current Music: Goodnight, Goodbye -- Kill Hannah

Okay, so here's the deal.... Tonight I saw Chris, just like usual. What i hadn;t figured into the equation was the fact that another guy (who looks older than C, by the way) who's got a Greek accent, and is possibly Christopher's relative...waited on moi. Then Chris 'catches' me watching his cuz (or whatever he is).. Chris gave me this totally sour look.... Boy, if you want me, you'd better speak up, i won't wait.... So you better move fast....' to quote Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley)

Also, Andrew's broken up with his girlfriend and was giving me deets.... wonder what THAT'S about??

I need feedback, you guys....
xo, sarah

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AIM change: sarahluvsemoboys use it, abuse it, but don't lose it!

friend:how old is he?

me: he's our age.....with a girlfriend.

friend: the nice and good ones always do the good men get these barbie like girls that are mean, not saying his gf is mean

me: hey i've seen it too

friend: and leave the good women like us to have to take the losers or the dumbasses that arent worth a shit

me: i must post this to my blog.

friend: a pretty face and body doesnt mean a lifetime together, they tend to be weak; go for it i wouldn't go into relationship or marraige thinking it will be perfect, b/c it wont, there will be good and bad times, hard and easy times, its a 2 way street

me:i know.. i mean and barbie girls do tend to be weak. and wimpy and all they care about is looks

friend: true and that paycheck. some are nice dont get me wrong

me: the majority are vapid.

friend: you got that right

me : and stupid.

friend: that too

me and some guys don't care as long as they look good.and it pisses me off.>:O

*end rant*

xo, sarah.

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